The only thing better than a stylish kitchen tool is one that didn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Luckily, IKEA is brimming with inexpensive, Scandi-style kitchen essentials that probably cost less than your fancy morning coffee. From wine racks to colanders, here are 13 go-to kitchen wares at IKEA for just 10 bucks or less.

Designed with plastic feet to prevent your countertops from being scratched, this $3 steel trivet is the perfect place to set your piping hot pots and pans to protect your surfaces from heat damage.

Tired of having to clean up spills in your microwave after every use? This clever plastic cover features several small holes to release steam and can fit in just about any size of microwave oven.

Food storage containers: Can’t live without ’em, but also can’t justify spending a lot of money on ’em either. Fortunately, these microwavable plastic food containers are durable enough to throw in your bag and carry around with you — and will only cost you a buck and a half for three.

A four-piece stainless steel kitchen utensil set — complete with a spoon, ladle, turner, and spaghetti server — for $6 is the stuff of IKEA legend.

Both dishwasher and freezer-safe, these colorful plastic sealing clips will only set you back two bucks for a pack of 10 — and are so much cuter than clothespins!

Leave it to the folks at IKEA to offer a $10 solid wood wine rack that’s both stackable and nice-looking.

Searching for an affordable way to store your olive oil and vinegar in style? This sophisticated three-piece set is composed of glass and stainless steel and only costs 10 bucks.

Don’t let the price tag on this cake carrier fool you. It’s not junky AT ALL! Not only does it come with a sturdy lid and handle so you can carry your cake around with ease, it also boasts a ridged tray so you can store smaller baked goods (like muffins) more securely.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: This 79-cent wonder has a serious cult following for a reason. Not only does this bistro-style towel do a great job drying dishes, it can also be repurposed into an unbelievable assortment of handy home items, including napkins, laundry bags, and even curtains.

A good dish brush can be a game-changer when washing your dishes. This eye-catching brush boasts tough bristles for better scrubbing, a scraper edge to get tough grime gone, and a built-in suction cup on the handle so you can stick on your sink or backsplash when not in use.

This sleek paper towel holder has a built-in support bar that makes it easier to tear off a sheet, but only costs three bucks.

Space-savvy dish racks aren’t easy to come by, especially for under 10 dollars. This $9 dish drainer provides two tiers of storage space, and folds up when not in use to free up countertop space.

No kitchen would be complete without a quality colander. This chrome-plated cutie is dishwasher safe and features a chic off-white enamel finish.